The Lincoln MKX's 360 Degree Camera

One of the most popular crossovers out there, the Lincoln MKX is not only known for its towing capacity, but it excels when it comes to its low starting MSRP along with its number of standard features. There is a lot to love about this vehicle, with certain aspects that may determine whether or not this is the car for you.

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The Lincoln MKC Is a Popular and Versatile Crossover

The Lincoln MKC is a stylish compact crossover that provides intuitive infotainment and a myriad of design choices for the interior and exterior. Not only comfortable and elegant, the Lincoln MKC offers several engine choices for a powerful performance on the highway. Towing is made a breeze with an available towing package, so you can carry all your things anywhere you need to go.

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Worried About Your Car? It’s Time to Check Your Exhaust

Dealing with car issues is never easy. On top of regular oil changes and maintenance checks, you also have to make sure you're paying attention to other hazardous issues that can arise. One such problem? A leaky exhaust.

If you're driving and you notice your car is behaving strangely, it's possible that you have an exhaust leak. There are several symptoms of a leaky exhaust. 

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The Technology Behind the Lincoln Continental

When choosing your next luxury vehicle, the features selected play an important part in the decision making process. Our team here at Napleton River Oaks Lincoln is here to make that decision process simpler to make sure that you’re driving away in the right vehicle.

This popular luxury car features a 360-degree camera system that provides you with a view of your surroundings to stay aware of a variety of driving situations.

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Why Is Brake Fluid Important?

The braking system is a vital component of the vehicle because it serves to slow and stop the vehicle's progress. Just think of the dangerous consequences that would occur if your vehicle kept moving through traffic stops, or if it failed to stop when there were obstacles in its path.

Brake fluid can be said to be the blood of the braking system. The brake fluid moves through the brake lines in much the manner that our blood moves through our veins. 

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Why Should You Care About the Differential in Your Car?

Without the differential in your car, the wheels would not turn and you would be stuck. If you hear something broken or smell anything burning, don't ignore this issue because it will leave you stranded.

The differential is between the drive shafts and transmission, transferring power to the wheels so they turn. To do this, gears must be working perfectly or trouble will result. 

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Lincoln MKT: Classy and Capable Crossover SUV

The Lincoln MKT is a crossover SUV that appeals to families with a strong preference for luxurious amenities. Two editions are on the lineup of this lavish car that starts at more than $43,000.

The base trim of the Lincoln MKT has a 3.7 L engine that's based on the Ti-VCT technology. This six-cylinder engine is capable of producing a maximum of 303 horsepower. The Reserve model carries a twin-turbo engine that unleashes up to 365 hp. 

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Embrace Luxury with the Lincoln MKZ

Are you looking for a stylish crossover? Do you need a vehicle that can handle your daily commute and leisure travel? The Lincoln MKZ from Napleton River Oaks Lincoln is a refined crossover. The vehicle is the ideal blend of sport and luxury. It has a beautiful interior and exterior.

We all want to enjoy the scenery while we are on the road. The Panoramic Vista Roof gives passengers a scenic view of the surroundings. In the summer, the power sunshade can keep the crossover cool. You need an elegant steering wheel. 

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Lincoln Navigator Has Outstanding Performance

Having great performance while driving your SUV is a must. Here at Napleton River Oaks Lincoln, our sales associates love to tell our customers about the great performance features of the Lincoln Navigator, starting with the 3.5-liter twin turbocharged engine. It has dual-point fuel injection, that helps it produce 450 hp and 510 pound-feet of torque. 

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Do You Know How Brake Pads Work?

In an emergency, the brakes on your car can make all the difference between avoiding an accident and getting into one. However, for the brakes to work with a minimum of friction, the brake pads have to be in good condition. But first, you need to know what to look for in order to know when it is time to change them.

Brake pads reduce friction by keeping the caliper pistons and the rotor from touching each other. 

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